British Designer Fabrics

Since last posting here my life has changed considerably. Still in my cavernous town house in the Gard, I have filled the ground floor rooms with all my sample fabric books and meterage from the showroom in the UK. I haven't registered a business here because I am basically retired now and spending my time over the next year writing a book on the subject of Homes with passion.

However I still hold all my UK accounts and if anyone needs samples or wishes to make an appointment to view the collection of current designs from GP & J Baker to Colefax & Fowler along with other designers like Penny Morrison, Pierre Frey, Nicole Fabre...too many to list all. But my website gives all the info. I would be very happy to give you a cup of coffe and discuss your needs.

I can make up and deliver and am able to offer very good prices:

Love to hear some feedback.



Have to agree with Claire - I have a very small activity - more of a hobby to keep myself from the clutches of depression and anxiety and am legal and registered (initially I was a vdi , like an avon rep, I am now changing that status to micro entrepeneur) if you offer ANY services, sell anything that is not one off personal belongs you must register as a business - AE as Claire has correctly said is now called micro entrepeneur and would be the most suited to a small business (there are ceilings on how much your chiffre d'affaires can be before you have to register as a full fledged TVA business) There is no such thing as doing an activity for pocket money/hobby and not declaring yourself as a business here

Sorry to come across as a negative, I hope you do well with your venture, but in your post you say that you haven't registered a business here but at the same time you offer goods for clients, offer the opportunity for people to order and say you can work ( your words make up).

If you are doing anything business like here even if you are retired you have to register here and pay your social contributions here. May I politely suggest you look at what used to be AE ( Auto Entrepreneur ) Status , I believe it is now known as Micro Entrepreneur. It's the simplest form of being legal to sell /work here in France.