British driving license exchange/ ANTS website

I made an error on ANTS form to replace my Brit driving License with a French one. Now the system won’t let me back in to correct my error. I have tried on their message system to request and opportunity to re-apply but nothing happens. Does anyone have any advice, please?
My Brit licence 6 months expires in January 2021.
Peace of mind would be a wonderful gift

Hi Mary…

what do you mean by that… ???

I mean I will have been driving on my Brit licence since moving here at the beginning of July.

don’t panic… if you’ve got a hiccup with ANTS you won’t be jumped on from a great height.

How do I even communicate with ANTS?

Trying to give Mary the ANTS link but this keeps popping up :thinking: Edit, link is working Mary.


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and I have a problem with ANTS too. The confirmation email to click on to complete account set up doesn’t arrive so I can’t actually open it. So tried to set up account with same personal details of course, but is says details already entered.
But I’ve been told and uk gov web site (as directed by todays UK gov letter) says you don’t need to get French licence unless you need to change category or have committed road traffic offence.
Not sure how to solve this.

I have seen that myself on a FR gov page. Any EU licence is valid up to the point you have to change it because you’re about to turn 70 y.o. So I don’t think you have anything to solve unlesss you are 69 and some…

There is plenty of ambiguity on the ANTS website. For one thing it’s not clear for holders of UK licenses whether they recognize the separation of the formal license (paper form) and the plastic ID card (which is not in itself a license). For another, they state that the replacement they issue will be valid from the original issue date of the license, and valid for 15 years thereafter. So technically does this mean that a replacement license issued to a holder of a UK license issued in 1980 will be valid until 1995? I hope not…but perhaps I need to brush up my pedantry skills.

The paper license is not the formal license, it has had no validity since 2015.

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I had a similar problem with ANTS, three attempts with different email addys l I was finally in :clap:
If you are renewing a ten year UK photo licence don’t you need to be resident in the UK?

Very good to know - thank you; wish DVLA had written to me as my license predates that and I haven’t lived in the UK since then (I am rationalizing my embarrassment…).
I would check the online reference mentioned, but can’t because Facebook is the work of the devil.

Just for fun I also have a US license, based on passing the test in Massachusetts (which is on the FR exchange list) but having subsequently exchanged to Vermont (which is not) where I have the latest license. That would confuse them, I bet.
Think I’ll just hold onto my UK photocard for a bit longer.

I have found DVLA, like other UK Civil Service depts these days, extremely helpful over the phone.


Do you have an alternative link for this information as i don’t and won’t use Facebook

nope, my wife renewed her licence online…but we do also have a uk address.

Agree with your Facebook sentiments

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As far as I know it’s only on the dedicated FB page. I don’t know of any other fully comprehensive and up to date site for exchanging to driving licenses. If you don’t do FB then I guess you’ll just have to fathom it all out as best you can without the help and advice of the very knowledgeable Kim Cranstoun although I’m not sure if she is also a member of Survive France and may pick up queries on here.

just don’t understand why it has to be Facebook driven…why should I have to sign up to a big tech money making machine to get information.

You don’t have to do anything, Kim set up the page herself in her own precious time to help people and it was her choice to use FB . If you don’t want to use FB then find the information elsewhere!


John… it is quite possible that the garages which offer Immatriculation via ANTS… will also be able to help with the licence changing… certainly worth asking the question.

Also, ask at your local Mairie… as there is often a public computer available (possibly by appointment during confinement)

Folk at your Mairiee might be able to advise… if not able to help…

Our local post office does this sort of thing, I believe…