British hospitals at breaking point

(Jane Williamson) #61

As a final comment perhaps I can say that I have been twice misdiagnosed with cancer.
Firstly by two of my GP’s in UK, who told me that I had an abscess, which I did, but, unfortunately, it was caused by a tumour. They would not send me to see a specialist .

In France I was misdiagnosed with lung cancer, had nodules pointed out by the radiologist and sent away with a letter saying I had secondaries in my lungs.

Whilst both these misdiagnoses were upsetting, the treatment I received in France was more effective, even though I did not really need it.

(Barbara Deane) #62

Jane facing cancer is really hard and when the hospitals do not take care of you…I know that
you feel desperate.
I am more aware that my days are numbered.
I know that you have to count your blessings when you survive but it does depend
on other factors. It is not just the surgery it is the phycological attitude of doctors and
their teams.

(Andy Whitby) #63

Morning All

Just to give you an indication of the state of the NHS.

A very good friend of mine was admitted into hospital on 11th Dec for a prostrate operation. From diagnosis to this point was pretty impressive.

After being in the hospital for 5 hours, he was told that due to lack of beds the operation was cancelled and he was sent home with a catheter and bag. He was told he would be contacted in early Jan with regard to an appointment.

Within 24 hours the catheter started to leak. It took 5 visits from a nurse for the problem to be sorted.

As of yesterday my friend had had no contact from the hospital, so he rang them only to be told that all operations had been cancelled for Jan and the prospect for Feb was remote. They said they would contact him in Feb.

Not a good situation, but I do not know what the answer is.


(Barbara Deane) #64

Very sad situation for your friend and a sad position for the NHS
to be in.
The answer is complicated but a few things need to happen.
The whole system needs to change.
It should similar to that of the french system which does not
allow a free for all system.
A new type of gov needs to be formed …not left or right but somewhere
placed in the middle with the good of the country in mind not the pockets of the
leaders and their chums.

Your friend will need to go to seek Private medical help as he may
well get an infection which could lead to Sepsis.
A cafeter needs to be attended to …obviosly the bladder is very delicate.
His operation is needed too and fairly swiftly.
Your life is more importannt than your bank balance.

(Jane Williamson) #65

The front page of the Journal of Saone-et-Loire was showing that Macon hospital was struggling with cases of 'flu and trollies in corridors.

(Barbara Deane) #66

It is worrying. Flu seems to have taken a strong grip and is spreading.
The vaccination does not help with all strains.
It would dissaster if you or I got flu in the summer season…how
would we take care of the clients?
I have, infact had a really crazy flu on 2 occassions whilst I was
here with fever and hulusinations…thought that I was going to die
but would not see a doctor.
Hope that all the hospitals can cope.

(Véronique Langlands) #67

Why wouldn’t you see a doctor? That said, seeing a doctor isn’t much use if you have flu, except to confirm that it actually is flu. Keeping a temperature down, maintaining hydration and then waiting it out is all you can really do. It isn’t the flu that will kill you, it is the complications - opportunist pneumonia or the fit you have as a result of a very high temperature.

(Barbara Deane) #68

I just drank water and slept for several days.
And, eventually I was well enough to eat something.
The answer to your question…well I have such awful memories
of hospitals that I fear them more than the illness itself.