British Pull-Out from the EU?

In today's papers, it is estimated that if there was a referendum today on whether the UK should quit the EU, is would be likely to produce a resounding Yes. Nearly 50 per cent say England should go its own way, with 33 per cent in favour of staying in.

If this did happen, how would this affect the many British residents not only in France, but in most other EU member countries, I wonder?

Getting a work permit would be a pain in the backside. Well it was in 1979 and I cant see that the system will have improved any, reminds me of an Amy Winehoue song, Back to Black, it would be a disaster for the French economy.

Very good question - it's exactly what I said to my French OH yesterday - will I eventually be forced to become naturalisé ? I've thought about it many times but always come to the conclusion that, apart from being able to vote, there's no real reason to do so.

On verra !