British Radio In France

Hi, does anyone know of any British radio stations set up in France. I'm not talking about UK based stations that can be picked up in France, but stations that are based here and cover Anglo/French topics.

Be interested to know what styles are covered and whether there is some kind of niche for this kind of thing.

A few weeks ago Anne Dickens ,supporting the dog refuge at Lannemezan came back to the studio a year after her first visit . You can catch the show by clicking on this link
and find out what has happened in 2014 - Music and chat of course as well


Hi The Expat Shows plays music from unsigned bands every week I would like to hear your album . Are you on Soundcloud ? or you can send a copy to me at Livemusicfrance , Bellegarde 32140 Gers

Jeff Huntley

Anyone know if there are any English speaking stations that play songs by unsigned artists.

My band Dave Purples Hot Wires made an album last year and we are trying to get some airplay.

Hi The Expat Show is on every sunday at 17.00hrs and outside its FM area you can listed live for two hours on A podcast is available via the Facebook page or direct from Just tap in The Expat Show and you can catch up with past additions . We do this for the love of it because we all enjoy a wide range of music and each week a mix of guests/humour/live music and at 18.30 the Expat Show Expert Pop Quiz ! Hope you can listen in Please contact us with your requests and music memories too - Thanks Steve . Jeff . Suzy

In this month's Connexion there are several stations mentioned, but they may be English slots on French channels. (I haven't read the article yet). They mention the 2 that Doreen Bailey has linked, plus there is (in Nantes) and The Expat Show is on Radio Coteaux in the Gers. My husband and I used to do a 30(ish) min slot on Radio d'Artagnan giving details of English language films showing in the area, and various events. But we could only mention the events that organisers had paid to advertise, so often not very itneresting to expats (lots of Bingo/Lotto in winter!). We gave up about 2 years ago as we didn't seem to have many listeners - or at least, noone who could be bothered to reply to 3 weeks of requests to let us know if anyone was listening!

Radio 74 is up in the Alps near Switzerland isn't it? I've heard of it from someone in Freiburg in CH but never heard it myself.

Thanks Doreen, I'll check them out.