Britons in Europe feel forgotten, minister told

More Brexit noise for those who are interested.


I think that maybe some of us feel abandoned …:scream:

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True enough. Plenty of us were not even allowed to vote so our opinions wouldn’t get in the way of anyone really important back in UK.

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I think that my future has more to do with how the French government treats me after Brexit than what the British government does now. I’m far more interested in how the British government treats EU citizens resident there as that gives a better idea of what to expect here.


Here is a letter that British in Europe sent to Theresa May.

People are doing something and we should all try and do our bit.

BiE letter.pdf (193.8 KB)


I wonder if the assistant who opened it even showed it to her.

Probably not.

It is going to be a bloodbath this week in Birmingham.
It serves her right, but as usual, it will be us who suffer.


The silly cow is trying to distract the weak minded from the real issues.


£120 million “Brexit festival” in 2022…???

It’s like she’s completely lost touch with reality…


I’d have said so as well, but apparently not.

She even seems to have outshone Borris’s predictable fringe meeting stuff with her closing speech.

It had nothing for us at all.
It was like a cup of tea, a panacea for all ills.


I watched her closing speech live…from dancing queen to mr blue sky…if you can’t dance then trying to pretend you can just makes for headlines that focus on the mundane rather than the important…

Whilst I would have liked to have been fervently roused and foot tapping along with ABBA and ELO I just found myself thinking…hmmmmmm…

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Being serious for a sec - May’s focus was on getting through the conference without worsening her position - which she seems to have done, to my surprise she has emerged not only unscathed but for the moment with her position apparently strengthened. Borris’s side show was predictable, no more than expected and barely reported.

I’m not sure whether her team have been pulling strings or the party’s instinct for self preservation has kicked in.

There are hints that she might soften Chequers - the ultras won’t like it but they seem to be something of a spent force as the ERG turns out to be so extreme that it cannot put a coherent (much less plausible) plan on the table and Boris can’t manage more than trotting out the old chestnuts about “Canada plus” - which won’t solve the Irish border problem so I think May is actually more firmly against that than tweaking Chequers.

So, for the time being she is in charge - I doubt that will be the case by the next general election but, for the moment, the long knives are in their sheaths.

No - but like the “Brexit windfall” increase in NHS spending she is trying to divert attention from the man behind the curtain.

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[quote=“Helen6, post:12, topic:22566, full:true”]…if you can’t dance then trying to pretend you can just makes for headlines…

It upsets me when people are said not to be able to dance, as if there’s some kind of procedure that has to be followed or technique to be mastered. Of course, some ‘ballroom’ dances like the fox-trot, waltz or tango do, but moving to the rhythm and the spirit of music, or of drumming, is surely individual, and is not always intended to impress others, or to be a subject of another’s judgement, or dismissed as pretence.

I’m a bit stung personally because I have been told myself that I can’t dance, although I’ve also been told I am physically very expressive and flexible. I dance on my own now, away from critical eyes. I used also to ‘conduct the orchestra’ (with a knitting needle) to 33rpm records of Beethoven, Brahms, Mahler, Tchaikowsky, Vaughan Williams and Grieg in my bedroom, alone, as a young and not so young man. Pathetic? Maybe, but so dramatic, liberating and sublime to move so.


(((((( Hugs )))))) and I’d be devastated if I thought for a moment I had hurt your feelings…

I was thinking about the vision of TM “dancing” in Africa…there was something about that visit that made me decidedly uncomfortable…she referred to it in her closing speech too and I still felt uncomfortable…

I love “tribal” music…the diverse musical instruments…the diverse rhythms…the creativity of cross culture blending of music and song…x :slight_smile:

Bless your kindly harmless heart, Helen and a zillion warm fuzzies back to you, a collie-licks and moist nuzzles from your dear dog on top of hugs +++ :dog2::heart::bouquet::rose::hugs:

It was merely an acupuncture-like pin-prick, but on a tender nerve, a shame that I’ve never voiced before, but now it’s out I feel ‘empowered’ (over-used word) to overcome my inhibitions and sod what people think! :yum::hugs::flushed::rofl::rofl:

I’ve a mind to take up Dervish-dancing, whirling in graceful circles, if I can find a teacher. I like sufi ritual and have led energetic sufi circle meditations in the past, incredible collective experiences that surface unexpected things!

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I kind of feel that the Tory party’s instinct for self preservation kicked in…it really riles me…the rhetoric…the cliches…the nothing speak…I wasn’t sure if she was attempting to rally her own party behind her… or one last desperate attempt to rally the millions of disillusioned people in “the U.K.”…”Great Britain”…England Ireland Scotland Wales and not to mention the British citizens living in the EU…

I felt myself inwardly cringing…maybe it’s because I have friends who have been severely affected by Tory austerity…on a positive note though one of my friends has just won the rights to stay in her council house…it’s took a year of her being close to a nervous breakdown…

I have a friend who loves the didge…he loves to shut the doors…shut the curtains…turn his music system to high playing didge CDs and become a whirling dervish of free expression…x :slight_smile:

I’ve also attended didge healing days…laying on the earth whilst the didgeridoo is played over my body…profound connections between the earth the physical body the spiritual body and the music is all I can say…x :slight_smile:

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