Brits in Europe - "No Deal" Checklist

Point 2 is useful as Brits in France fall into this category… but it is all interesting

Point 2 is exactly what the British Embassay in Paris has recommended.

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Absolutely David…

This link comes from yet another source… and reinforces the info already available…

I’m trying to stop the panic that seems to be simmering everywhere…

We have a six month prescription, so that information is wrong.
TM has made it very clear that in the event of no deal EU citizens in UK will not be affected .
I cannot believe that the EU could be so stupid as not to re iprocate.

You are very fortunate if you have enough medication for 6 months in your home.

We have 3-monthly presciptions due to the illness needing regular checks…
But our pharmacy only dishes out enough medication for one month at a time.
They will give us a small extra supply (so we do not run out) if we are travelling…but this is an exception.

So… I am not sure how we can stock-pile medication… :thinking: but I am not going to lose any sleep over it…

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TM making it clear! Remember the devil will be in the detail. Just ask those Windrush people who are now being refused Citizenship.

Number 9 is also important.
We are a mixed Brit/EU family and we will be going no where near a British border from probably mid March until the end of 2019.
Who needs a newly recruited, poorly trained British or French border guard turning a holiday into a nightmare.

Same here with mum’s medication including morphine, the pharmacy is only allowed to fill the prescription once a month.
However I do believe that no doctor or pharmacy will refuse to proscribe/ supply medication that is essential to a patient’s health.
Our new doctor has even said that when mum is running low on her medication then to 'phone and she will leave a prescription with the secretary thus saving mum (and me) having to wait for an appointment and the struggle of wheelchair in the car. She also suggests that an appoitment once every 3 months is sufficient unless of course we notice any problems. On verra :face_with_thermometer:

No matter what happens, and even with the french interest in administrative detail, I really can’t see that on 29th March all our carte vitales will be made inactive. If things are not resolved perhaps we will each receive a bill from Ameli later down the line, but I have no worries about getting my medicines.

I think it might be more of a concern for people in the UK as stocks could run low.