Brittany and Normandy - slow down on the roads

(stella wood) #1

Pollution Alert… Procedures in place until midnight Monday…22nd April…

(Peter Goble) #2

Very noticeable fine haze filling the valley here this morning when I went for my walk, I thought it was the heat but it was the murky colour of porage oats. Lots of spindrift settling like snow. Good job I’m not allergy-prone.

(Bettina Black) #3

Sand from the Sahara - apparently hitting all of Europe as far north as Scotland.
Getting ready to wash the car with lots of water…

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(stella wood) #4

Ha ha… make sure you hold your breath during such exertion…

The recommendation is for folk not to undertake any sporting activities… :woozy_face::zipper_mouth_face:

(stella wood) #5

I can’t find a link saying it is “only sand”… anyone got anything… ???

“They” are obviousl concerned for public health… whatever the cause of the problem…

(Bettina Black) #6

already reached us in Scotland - hazy but bearable

(stella wood) #7

That is very interesting Bettina… the pollution has been bad in Bretagne etc since Saturday… and the French reporting says nothing about Saharan dust… perhaps they have an axe to grind about vehicle pollution…:thinking:

but no matter… whatever it is… they recommend folk stay indoors and hold their breath :upside_down_face::crazy_face::wink:

(carl tunnicliffe) #8

Yep - Sand dust here in the UK Midlands.

Just had the car fully detailed too…oh well, it is so smooth and shiny that i reckon the dust will just blow off with a leaf-blower!

(stella wood) #9

Finally… “They”… are admitting that Sahara Sand has, indeed, got something to do with the dangerous peak in air pollution in Bretagne and elsewhere…

Si le trafic automobile fait évidemment partie des principales sources de particules fines, de même que “l’apport d’ammoniaque par les épandages agricoles”, a précisé Gaël Lefeuvre, directeur d’Air Breizh, sur notre antenne, cet épisode de pollution est aussi dû à des particules fines issues du sable du désert du Sahara. Car les vents venus du sud, responsables des températures douces actuelles, sont également porteurs de particules de sable.

(stella wood) #10

(Chris Kite) #11

Well, after some rain this morning here in C Maritime my car is covered in the stuff. It was cleaned last Friday too.

(stella wood) #12

No sand on our car… but a lot of dust from the woodworm in the garage roof timbers… :frowning::frowning::frowning:

(stella wood) #13

Did your local press/weather talk about this before it arrived, @Chris_Kite Chris… ???

(Chris Kite) #14

No, not at all. I didn’t clean the car fortunately!

(Bettina Black) #15

I like the Facebook ‘severe weather europe’ page, it usually is spot on with weather warnings covering all of europe. If we have to wait for the BBC to report - w’ll be 10ft under water before they raise any alarm… on the other had, reading the Express newspaper you either have another ice age or a ‘massive’ killer heatwave tomorrow.

(stella wood) #16

I go with Meteo France, personally… but occasionally the weather gets into the French Press… like the Report which heads this Thread… :upside_down_face:

(Ben van Staveren) #17

We got a bunch of that fun Sahara dust here in 69 as well. Of course, the day before I just washed our car, all shiny, sparkly, and the next day I was going to work and found it looking like a mud monster had barfed all over it. Yay, dust.

(Chris Kite) #18

This is proper sand…

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