Brittany Spaniel In Need of a Good Home

I have posted this in the Languedoc-Roussillon group and also in the dogs group so I hope it is posted correctly.

I would like to ask if anyone has room for an aged, very gentle, friendly, Brittany Spaniel. He was 8 years old when he came to live with us and our Chihuahua but he really needs more time and space than we have to give. He was a chasse dog (a hunting dog) but after being thrown out of the house/garage for being too old, and for eating the prey (because the previous owners, well known in the village, didn’t feed him enough) he slept on our doorstep for 2 months and, although our house was too small, we eventually let him come in to sleep. Although not ideally suited to our house we have lived very happily with him for around one year now. He is very lovely, fantastic with kids, although not great with cats. It seems that our neighbours now have a problem with him as he makes some noise when we go to work. One neighbour has had a nice chat with us and explained they they (the Chihuahua and the Spaniel, although I think the Spaniel starts it off) howl when we are not in for a working day but one other neighbour has not even bothered to talk to us just written a note on our door stating that they will call the Gendarmes if we do not stop him howling. We live in the centre of a village without any outside space.

We do not have a lot of space and he needs more. I am sure that if he had a garden or more daytime company he would be very happy, in his element in fact. He adores walks and is extremely friendly but our house is just too small, without any outside space in the centre of a village and reluctantly I have to now see, if a bit of a long shot because of his age, if someone would be happy to take him on. He is so sweet and very loving. He doesn’t ask for much, just a bit of food and the odd cuddle now and again. Just a happy, carefree retirement really is all I would like to give him. He’s very healthy and happy just not so happy if we have to leave him.

When we just had the Chihuahua there weren’t any issues with howling or barking but now we have taken in the spaniel me misses us and seems to howl. All I want to give him is a good couple of years happy retirement after not having the greatest of lives with his previous owners. He is now 9 and just in need of a bed, some attention and a garden and I think he will be the happiest spaniel ever. It now means we have no option but to find another home for Titus. I will very much miss him and I have come to love him very much but I desperately do not want to take him to the SPA and I don’t see any other option. As an older dog I know he is not on the top of peoples wish list but he will give someone a few very happy years and satisfaction if they are happy to take him on.

He is microchipped and his number is 250269601046323