Our commune of Vernoux-en-Gatine has no Braodband and does not seem interested in getting it - any one have any ideas how we might put pressure on to get it?


We were told by FT that our village would never have ADSL so I wrote to our local députée and asked what they were going to do to support us as I wanted to start a business from home and needed something better than Numeris. They put me in contact with Rhonesansfil which was an initiative set up by the Rhone Dept to provide coverage for villages like ours. They installed a WiFi transmitter on the roof of the Mairie which was connected to the Numericable cable which existed in the centre of the village. They installed a router with a directional aerial at our house and we had broadband. Despite all that effort, I was the only customer for the service ! They had about 20 villages covered like this. Perhaps a similar thing exists where you are ? You just need to find the right person to ask.

Have you

tried WiMAx, its long distance wifi, France is one of the few countries with a good coverage.

Several suppliers.

here is one

Thanks Wayne we have satellite with Nordnet - it is actually a fast broadband connection we want and need - we would like to be able to use it come rain or cloud !

Perhaps there are other frustrated residents of our commune? Any one out there live nearby???

if you do not have broadband think about satalite with the likes of Nordnet