Brocantes on a tues or weds?

Hi, on our short visit to view properties next month, we would like to take time out to visit a brocante/ vide grenier. Are there any on a Tuesday or Wednesday and if so which are the best ones to visit? We will be between Cognac Bergerac and Bordeaux. Thanks

Try bricabroc website-it lists by department or town.

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Try to look for ‘Depot Vente’ too Stella.

Stella, there is often a big brocante in Cahors centre ville on the wednesday during the warmer months so check on the sites to see which wednesdays are involved.

Hi, thanks. Checked the bricobroc website and the two listed are either near La Rochelle or later in the month. Would also prefer outside rather than Depot Vente. Came across this website, does anyone know if these markets are still running and worth going to? We can’t buy much but just the experience as its the one thing we have never done.

In general terms the best brocantes will always be on Sundays or fête days.


The wednesday brocante at Cahors is massive, well worth a visit.

And of course it’s between Bergerac, Cognac and Bordeaux. :slight_smile:

Maybe not but to say “In general terms the best brocantes will always be on Sundays or fête days.” is a load of old cobblers.

Well, they do often seem to be extra special … on those occasions…:relaxed: perhaps it is because the world and his wife, kids and all, can get to them… rather than a weekday…

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They are here Peter :wink:

Oh come on, in general is exactly right. Those like at Cahors are the exception.

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You need to get out more, look around and see what’s what.

Many kids don’t have school on a wednesday Stella.

Hi Peter… sadly, more kids attend school on Wednesday than they did 3 years ago…:wink:

but most of our area schools/parents/councils have voted to return to 4 day week as from September… yeah :grin::grin:

I do Peter. Why are you being awkward? Look at any Brocante site.

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The cahors one sounds good! It is south of Bergerac, but thinking of using one day to look around generally, do Cahors in morning and maybe take a boat out on the Dordogne River in the afternoon. We have booked a gite near Brossac, but think this is doable.

Your local ‘Emmaus’ could be worth a look too, normally open midweek :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh yes, we have one here. I love French armoires so will keep eye out for those! :slight_smile:

One of our local ones, Vannes, ‘always’ has a selection of those Stella. Good prices and a good cause!
Good Hunting :+1: