Broken back

Hi I have broken my back due to osteoporosis. Firstly does anyone know if this is an ALD and should I be entitled to a housekeeper or does it depend on our savings. My husband died last year and have no family here.

Sadly no, it’s not on the list. But I think you are on a fairly low income so you shouldn’t be paying anything/much for your healthcare?

Presumably you mean that you have a cracked vertebrae? Are you now in a corset to help it heal, or has the doctor suggested other treatment?

In terms of help, you need to contact your assistante sociale to go through what benefits yiu are elgible for.

Oh gosh, Margaret - is this the first inkling you’ve had of Osteoporosis?

I’ve suffered for many years and broken all sorts of bones but not, thankfully, my back.

Osteoporosis is not reimbursed as an ALD ( affection de longue durée ). There are various supplements and medications which can help strengthen the bones etc. You will get the normal % paid by the SS and your Mutuelle should make up the rest.

I presume you’ve had a bone density scan??

You’ll need to talk things through with your Médecin Traitant and any Specialists who are handling your case.

Speak with your Doctor about coping at home while you mend. It might be CIAS (Centre Intercommunal d’Action Sociale) for Home Help or the Assistante Sociale/SIAD ( Soins Infirmiers à Domicile) for personal care.

If the Doc writes a prescription - I presume SocialS will pay a % and your Mutuelle pay something as well. I really do not know.

Is there any clause in your Mutuell Health Policy??

I’ve always had OH to tend my needs at home, so have no idea who pays for what otherwise.

Sorry to hear you are suffering. It’s a long shot but it’s possible you may be entitled to l’APA which is (allocation personalised d’autonomie) and you should ask your assistante sociale to help you apply. My hubby got it and we had an aide a domicile provided for free as well as some medical aides like handles in the toilet.

It takes a long time for application to be approved so you should get on with it. Even if you are not currently eligible you may be in future and re-applying is much quicker. Here is a link


Thanks for the Link Mandy… I know someone locally who will find this very useful - for her OH - at the moment she is at her wits end.


I know how that feels. It’s a long process so she should get it started but the help available was invaluable to both hubby and me.

Yes it is was shocking when I learned I had it, I broke my back first then sent for the density test which confirmed that I had osteoporosis and the base of my spine is very bad and likely to break again. I would not have asked about help as it would have been my hubby taking care of everything but he died 13 months ago.

Hello Mandy does it depend on what savings you have?

I don’t really know Margaret as we didn’t have any but I believe there is an income test which decides the level of contribution you have to make towards the cost. I think all the details are in the link I provided but if it’s not clear then the assistante sociale will know for sure.

It’s not easy to get the help as you have to be quite disabled to qualify but even if you have a lower level of disability it is worth being assessed so that you can be given a GIR level (this is a measure of your degree of dependence/need). This part of the link explains it:

Thanks Mandy looking at it I don’t think I would qualify.

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Oh Margaret… yes, so sorry about your hubby. Do have a word with your Doc and the Assistante Sociale/CIAS.

And if you aren’t eligible for free help, do think about getting some anyway.

I have a disability, and a while back decided that I needed a bit of extra help as otherwise all my energy went on routine stuff. So I have two hours a week help from someone registered for services à la personne. And I get 50% of the cost back as a tax credit (or tax rebate if you don’t pay tax). I find it a really good use of money for the peace it gives me and happy to economise in other areas.

There will be either people in your area who you can use directly on the cheque emploi system (CESU) or many of the organisations who provide home help to sick and elderly people also provide a paid for service under this system. If you are struggling then I would recommend it.

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Absolutely. Folk use the Home Help service even when they are not “ill/incapacitated/aged and infirm” but simply need a hand. One chap in our village insists on a HH cleaning his place from top to bottom before his wife gets back from visiting the grandchildren in UK. He admits he does not know one end of a tea towel or a brush and dustpan…from another. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::roll_eyes: