Broken down in Etain can't find replacement

hi there I have broken done was in motorway and had to be tow of they over xhabrged me took me to car Park by there garage and said can’t get the part so am stuck trying to get home to wales. Can anyone suggest how to go about this. Deaspate for help

Do you live in Wales and not France and accordingly do you have international recovery assistance from your insurer?
If so, have you been in touch with them to ask the extent to which they can help?

hi there

I do have eu breakdown cover but reading the policy says they will pay to retrieve me from location and take me to nearest garage and then I would have to pay for parts but can’t get the part I need at moment.

Then your options seem limited.
This link provides a list of hotels. I doubt there is much more you can do beyond that or anyone on SF to be honest.

gosh… it looks as if you’ve got to pay to get yourself to the Tunnel or the Ferry (whichever) perhaps hire a vehicle or taxi… if you do need to get to Wales urgently…
other than that, as @graham suggests… find a local hotel…
but I doubt there’ll be anything positive on carparts until midweek… if then…
perhaps best to pay your way back to UK now and sort out the car later.

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Try car share sites like Blablacar, or a facebook group called something like France-UK journeys which sometimes offers lifts.


I’m sorry to hear of your predicament.

What’s the car and which part do you need? Someone on the site might be able to locate it locally and courier it to you…


Thank you yea seems like a plan that k you

hi there it’s my alternator that’s broken trying to ask friends what is compatible with my Talbot express auto quest to try and force one garage isn’t helpful at all.

Thank you much appreciated

Maybe this can help

I’m sorry for your dilemma.

1 Like is the owners club. Looks like they are Fiat Ducato Mk 1 based or Citroen C25 or Peugeot based. There’s a forum you could ask and you might get lucky with someone available who can work on detailed vehicle info you could give them. Have the VIN ready as well as the reg8stration. Try googling your VIN it may show up some details.

Meanwhile if you can, as I suspect sorting it could take time, sounds like Stella’s advice to consider getting home might be best. Talk to garage first try to avoid nasty things like storage charges if they really can’t find the part, till you sort it

Two weeks of school holidays just kicked off in France today so getting French attention could be a little slower.

**If your overseas breakdown is with AA or RAC or anyone similar they have contacts to find parts, call whoever you’re insured with for overseas breakdown asap to see if they can help.


It could be one of several alternators depending on the engine. Try searching on autoparts24.
They seem to have alternators in stock for most of the variants.


Unfortunately, I don’t have any further advice to offer, but I think the above practical contributions are an example of SF at its generous best!


welshspencer is in a predicament… and we’re doing our best to advise…

BUT it might be an idea to remind folk… to check what cover you have if you break down abroad…
Who pays to get you home without car?
Who pays hotel bills while you wait for car?
Who pays for taking car to nearest garage?
Who pays to repatriate car?

probably some other questions too… but this seems a reasonable start…

quite probably, the majority of us don’t like to pay out for Insurance… and possibly most reckon to never need it… but… ooops… when the whatzit hits the fan… that’s when you want all the cover you can get…


seems I posted twice whilst trying to edit… obviously my brain has gone off on holiday… sorry folks

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@Stella - I’m sure there are extenuating circumstances but you are repeating yourself :wink:

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Thank you that’s very helpful

Very nice words

I can’t find the model in there list so trying to find out what alternator I can use. Someone cone up with a solution. Is to buy a generator connected it to a battery charger and then to the cab battery ( making sure the fumes can leave van ) and that give power to the battery