Broken Dyson and coronavirus

Apparently he has gone back on this and agreed to pay his staff after some legal pressure was applied.

Doesn’t stop him being a twat though.


Yes some pressure - The Good Law Project were/are interested. - We are presently working on litigation which we hope to launch later this week, subject to advice from our lawyers. We are exploring action against JD Wetherspoon plc – whose market cap at the time of writing is £840m – which has told some 40,000 of its employees that it does not intend to pay them for the time being.

He’s already been mouthing off that keeping the pubs open would not increase the spread. IMO the way this is moving Bojo has more chance of ending up like Mussolini than Churchill. Personally I want to punch Hancock in the face every time he comes on to lie about PPE. Frontline staff do not have sufficient. Bojo and the whole cabinet need to be forced to tour Corona wards in the same gear the front liners are using now.


I’m sure he’s basically a “nice guy” but regrettably nice guys get shat on from a great height by twats like Johnson.

I don’t think he’s a nice guy Graham. He’s a weak, arse licking (can I write that?) incompetent. While nurses, doctors and even cleaning staff are risking their lives with ineffective PPE he’s lying about there being enough in the Country, it’s just a logistics problem. Meanwhile he downgrades the PPE required to better suit his stocks. This guy and his boss are killing people.


I never thought you would hear me say this. I sort of wish Jeremy Hunt was still in charge


I wish my mum and Florence Nightingale were in charge.


I have a DC02 in the attic. Motor was still working last time I tried it, but the rest is just a bad case of plastic fatigue. Can’t even dump it right now because of lockdown but if anyone is interested in parts, let me know when this is over.
I see that this model is now in demand as a museum exhibit. But it needs to be in pristine condition and I don’t imagine there are many of those around!

I thought emptying was the worst thing about it, but with a name like Dusty. . . . .!

Oh, I couldn’t agree more @John_Scully
Wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire :fire:

Just watching Ch 4 news Graham - London is going to be a bloodbath. I also watched Johnson’s daily update earlier. He could end up swinging from a lamppost (and I don’t mean like Gene Kelly).

I think this guy would have been a much better choice - best of a bad lot and that includes the opposition. My choice would have been Starmer buy hey ho the people’s choice won the day and long will we (they) regret it.
Rory Stewart said * “I don’t believe it’s patriotic to bullshit. I don’t believe it’s Conservative to bullshit. I don’t believe it’s democratic to bullshit.”

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The result of the Labour Leadership contest will not be known until Saturday…

How long before you can trade in your old Dyson for a ventilator…?


We have 4 dysons so should be OK!

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So, who is going to make them?

It is almost as if one of these companies was very supportive of Brexit (whilst moving manufacturing overseas) and one wasn’t.

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a bit of research indicates that GTech manufacture in China - maybe this is the reason there were refused?

A funny story re The Army and blood donation. [see my mother taking a pint from a willing corporal].

At Catterick Camp, where I was born to the above and an officer in Royal Signals at the time National Service was still in force, the c/o of a training regiment had the regiment assembled on the square.

Right! Fall out any man who does not wish to donate blood!”

Nobody moved.

Shortly afterwards an article appeared in a national newpaper of the popular sort, prompted by a letter some wuss had sent his mother about ‘having to give blood’.

’Vampire colonel sucks blood of regiment