Bruce Guthro dead

Singer with Runrig for past 20 odd years until 2018. Dead at 62, can’t believe it as always loved Runrig from way back with Donny Munroe the vocalist. Whats going on with all these legends leaving us!

Not a band I’ve particularly listened to.

But 62 is too young to go.

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They go back 45 years formed by two brothers and friends from the Scottish islands and gradually morphed into a folk rock band, disbanding finally in 2018 with a concert at Stirling Castle. You can watch it all on youtube. I am a heavy metal fan but liked this lot for years and saw them live many moons ago now, never forgot it.

Never heard of them.

Scottish with a huge following all over Europe . They sang in gaelic a fair bit. Wiki or Youtube them, you might enjoy it as a total escape from other bands. I discovered them back in the 80’s by accident and have liked them since.