Brussels attacks: 34 killed and hundreds wounded

Brussels attacks: 34 killed and hundreds wounded as Islamic State claims responsibility for airport and Metro bombings - 22nd of March 2016

Brussels is on high alert with armed military patrolling the streets.

I know that my levels of cynicism and paranoia have increased with age but this strikes me as odd. Why the apparent eagerness to get back on French soil? This is from France 24:

"Paris attacks suspect Salah Abdeslam says he didn't know about Brussels attacks and wants to return to France "as quickly as possible", his lawyer said Thursday ... Abdeslam's lawyer, Sven Mary, told reporters at the courthouse that his client had asked for a one-month delay on any transfer while he studies the large dossier on him, but that Abdeslam "wants to leave for France as quickly as possible".

Presumably he would be held somewhere in/around Paris. I'm concerned he plans to martyr himself in some appalling way.

No Carl not easy.

I have not followed every aspect relating to the terrorist attacks in great detail

but I have thought about the people who take the innocent lives in their hands and murder

without reason or gain.

I have listened to information which mentions that these attackers have not been known

to pray or be seen to partake in religious practice so that tells me that there is no true

religious entisment to this feverish desire to kill.

No religion I know of has a beginning which heralds death and an ending which results in

mass murder of totally innocent people.

But who is innocent that watches things like this happening without making any effort to try to stop the root cause?

Immediate cause, the bombing of civilians in Syria and elsewhere by us in the 'west' and Russia. Lower level cause: Religion / religious intolerence. Root cause(?) US and the West's greed for oil and world domination.

We let Blair lie to us. Do we trust Cameron? We let governments manipulate us like sheep and commit crimes in other countries - 'regime change' removing leaders our governments don't like. This is the result. It's far from over. Just add in a few natural catastrophes as the weather and global warming continues getting worse and we're all doomed!

There are three types of people in the world - people who make things happen, people who watch what happens, and people who wonder what happened. Most people are in the middle category, but who knows what really happens?

Easy Barbara, Religion.

IS, and civilians finding themselves in their areas of "occupation" are being subjected to aerial bombing;- no shortage of innocent casualties. Frustrated at their inability to respond militarily, and blaming westerners for their plight; these kind of outrages are their way of striking back.

Europe is no stranger to the bombing of civilian populations as a means of taking the "war" to the enemy; it would be interesting to hear what Gerry Adams has to say on the matter.

We should grieve for the stupidity of it all - especially so at Eastertime.

It’s tragic but I fear we will see more of these events in the coming weeks. My thoughts are with the families and loved ones of the innocent victims.

Without reason, devoid of logic.

Can anyone understand why a human being could want to cause so much pain?

I do not think so!