Bubbles on my photos

(Suzanne Fitzgerald) #1


I’m totally not worthy of being in this group, but I joined to ask a specific question that I’m thinking one of you will be able to answer for sure.

I recently took a load of photos of my new house & when they were viewed on the pc later they have loads of bubbles/orbs/circle shadrows on them, all around my hubby & daughter.

Unfortunately it’s taking ages to load the photo today so I’ve abandoned trying it, but I’m hoping you’ve seen it before and can tell me why does this happen?

And DONT say spirits or ghosts…I already know the old lady owner of the house died there!


(Phil Benn) #2

Also Suzanne in future if shooting in dark rooms you could try over-exposing your shot by 0.5 to 1 stop, if you know how to do that. If you have a ‘SnapIt’ type camera like a Canon Powershot, there is a way to do it; there’s a +/- EV setting.

That way you’ll see all the contents of the room. Your photo above looks as if the camera just metered from the window light only. This is common if you just use the ‘auto’ settings.

(Phil Benn) #3

Looks a little like lens flare from the distant sunlight - very odd!

(Suzanne Fitzgerald) #4

not spooky after all then, it is very dusty!

(James Higginson) #5

It looks like the flash fired and picked up dust motes in the air.

(Suzanne Fitzgerald) #6

right added it off my other pc…no idea what’s been going on with the laptop & ie9 but the pc hasn’t had the latest ie update I think.

(Suzanne Fitzgerald) #7

(James Higginson) #8

Hi Suzanne

Can you try a different browser please?

Sorry for the hassle :slight_smile:



(Suzanne Fitzgerald) #9

Hi James, trying to load the image its now only 142kb jpeg, but I’m getting message 'The publisher of CAHCS47P.js couldn’t be verified then the option to open or save. It seems to be something with the security cerficate being invalid & it’s trying to download something from survive france instead of me uploading.

Some things just aren’t as simple as they are meant to be! I hate IT sometimes!

(Linda Shepherd) #10

Hi Suzanne,
Can’t answer the bubbles query, but for uploading speed, reduce the size of your images to 800 pixels on the largest side. I had the same difficulty at the start. The reduced size speeds things up considerably, unless like me you have a variable signal!
As for ‘not being worthy’ well that’s daft! We are here to share and help each other whatever our experience. I have found great support from people. So welcome.

(James Higginson) #11

Upload one, resize it first if you can then it won’t take so long.

Sounds like you may have some crud on your lens or sensor, but will need to see a couple to tell.

Completely off topic PS, sorry didn’t get through to you today, will try again tomorrow :slight_smile: