Building a bridge over the channel

Perhaps that’s his problem… snorting speed :thinking:

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Carol is back with a ordi which i hope will work this time.
When i read BOJO idea i nearly went bonkers.
All those years spent to build the eurotunnel , and now this loony idea of building a bridge over the channel which apparently would not be possible;
Just one wish i hope BOJO doesn’t present himself to be the next Prime Minister.:clown_face:

On the other hand, the country is about to be b*ggered for good, so perhaps BoJo will do everyone a favour by hastening the process…

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Clever Graham that could be a good idea, :crazy_face:

Bojo Will have a hell of a job with thé White cliffs of Dover

At the moment, he does seem to be between a rock and a hard place :rofl:

So long as he doesn’t do a Vera Lynn… and burst into song… :roll_eyes:

Surely he can’t be as bad as John Redwood when he was Welsh Secretary of State who just stood there like an idiot and opened and shut his mouth like a fish when faced with singing the Welsh National Anthem… What is it with these ‘leading’ brexiteers?

I presume that, as both of his big ideas from last week have been shot down he’s not feeling loved at present.

I see that Liam Fox has pitched in to support him saying that the NHS should benefit from a share of any “Brexit windfall” - I guess making nice noises about the NHS is seen as an easy route to voters’ hearts at the moment.

As to “Brexit windfall” - I’m yet to be convinced that Brexit will have anything other than a negative impact on the economy for many years to come.


Mmm… have I missed something… where is this “Brexit Windfall” coming from…

Mmm… have I missed something… where is this “Brexit Windfall” coming from…

My point exactly :slight_smile:

Blackadder only had 9 pence… how much has BoJo got ??

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I’ve been slow looking at this thread.

When the tunnel/channel bid was put out to tender, many moons ago, I was recruited by the engineering firm that put in the/a bid to build a bridge. It was entirely workable and there was a real chance that it was going to be selected; there were many arguments in its favour, including being easier to keep safe and secure because of being more visible.
Had the bridge won it I’d have had a career for life liaising between the English and French engineering teams. As it was my contract lasted for all of a few months.