Buildings collapsing across France

Waiting to learn why these 2 dilapidated buildings collapsed… one went and took the other with it… a third is being watched/surveyed.

One of them had been identified as dangerous about 10 days ago… (hope it was not DIY gone wrong… ) with a dodgy partitioning on the first floor :thinking:

Oh dear… 7 people missing… maybe more… 9 out of the 12 appartments were inhabited…

another building crumbles… in Charleville-Mézières this time… :open_mouth:

And now more has fallen onto a ceremony to honour the 8 victims. Marseille nees to get it act together!

Oh my goodness… the people were evacuated from the building 2 weeks before it collapsed… but were allowed back in after advice from an expert… :roll_eyes::hushed::sob::sob:

4 more buildings now…

That is a lot of people losing their homes.
The poor people of Paradise, unfortunate name, and Thousand Oaks in California have been living nightmares.
Scenes of total devastation and so many still missing.
Will Trump still continue to be a climate change denier, probably?

Marseilles is crumbling to dust… :open_mouth:

Experts reckon that the houses were built without foundations… :thinking: