Built in cooker ,

We have an IKEA built in oven and hob and the oven has conked out for the second time ,the appliance was purchased in about 1999, I would like to know if it is possible , to remove old oven and replace with new , IKEA have been less than helpful ,also is there anyone able to supply and fit the new oven , we are about 30 minutes from Cognac ,

Ikea's cookers/hobs were re badged Philips Whirlpool products

All IKEA cookers/ovens are a standard size. Just buy another. It's not that they are expensive. I speak as someone who bought a very expensive French/German oven in UK which never performed properly. Since we've moved to France our IKEA oven has behaved properly for the last ten years so to replace it is not a big deal. Would that it were like our Cannon gas cooker which was still going strong after twenty years and which we passed on to a newly married couple. I dare say they are probably still using it twenty five years on.