Bulk wormer purchase

My friend Sandrine who is a (not very active) SFN member has asked me to post on her behalf as her English is not brilliant.

She wants to get a group of people together for a bulk cat wormer purchase. Here are the details and you can contact her via her page

She wants to know "si quelque un est interréssé pour faire un achat groupé de vermifuge pour chat adulte, la marque est le Milbemax. Je l'ai trouvé dans une pharmacie au prix de 4€80 le comprimé contre presque 10 € chez le vétérinaire. Seul problème, il faut l'acheter par 50 comprimés ce qui fait donc 243 € !!"

Hi Sandrine says "adult" cats. Thanks Lynn for the info re medicanimal prices - they look good too.

Normally the dosage is as follows

Petits chats et chatons :
De 500g à 1 kg : 1/2 comprimé
De + de 1kg à 2 kg : 1 comprimé

Chats adultes :
De 2 à 4 kg : 1/2 comprimé
De + de 4kg à 8 kg : 1 comprimé
De + de 8kg à 12 kg : 1 et 1/2 comprimés

It is NOT recommended to give the adult version to kittens I believe, prices from medicanimal.com are 5.45 for 2 kitten tablets and 11.90 for 2 adult size, postage is free and for a first order you get an extra 10% discount

I’m in! I have 4 cats and it usually takes at least 2 - 3 pills until it is in (mince meat, butter - you name it- they spit it out…) . I 've been looking for a cheaper alternative for a long, long time !!!

Lynn would know, there are 2 sizes...1 up to 4k and the other over that...or you could halve the pills, like I do with the 2 sizes of cats....and how much shelf life do they have, as I have just wormed mine...

Time to visit optician again, I misread your post subject as 'Bulk Women Purchase' ...

Good idea Catharine,

Just confirm for everyone interested if it is for kittens or adult cats please?