Burning pine on a log fire

We have recently harvested some trees on our property. One was a horse chesnut, which I know burns well on a log burner.

I am well aware of the need to leave the wood for at least a year, if not longer before using it for a log burner.

However, we also have cut down a pine tree. These are "sappy" or resinous trees, so I wondered if it can be used, along with other woods to burn as well.

I know it will burn quicker, but I was a bit wary of using it.

Any thoughts?

Very interesting about the heat % output versus age of wood - I didn't know there was such a difference between 2 and 3 year old wood. Thanks!

Ditto - we burn anything.....

A client of ours lost several pine trees in the 2009 tempete. We cut them into logs, stored at our house, dried them out and have used this year with no problems. I think as long as you have your chimney swept each year, don't think it is much of a problem. We are mixing them with other types of wood. I am happy, it's keeping us warm and the wood was free!