Business Contacts in France

Hello everyone,

We are a couple emigrating to France in a few months and looking to establish a network of resellers or local agents for an online teaching platform.

It is a resource for teaching or training online and can be used by individual teachers, schools, businesses, language schools etc. We also have our own courses. We also intend to run our own immersion courses at our house (when we buy it!), in the Lot Garonne area, close to Bordeaux.

We are also looking for a French teacher to improve our language before we arrive,using the above platform, of course!

We are interested in opinions?

Thanks in advance.

Hello Suzanne,

Thanks for your reply. That’s a great idea, I will look into that.

Great, I'll do that now.

There are french families who pay to do a week's immersion during the holidays where the whole family lives with an english host family - - have you looked into that? They were advertised on French TV and a while back here on SFN were looking for English host families. Another idea?

Hello Jemima,

To answer your question, yes I have done a hell of a lot of research! I would be happy to discuss this with you by Skype when I return from my next trip?

Would you like to email me privately on and we can set up a date to talk next week?


Hi, I'd be interested in knowing more about what you're doing as I've worked in e-learning for many years and have experience as a business English trainer. Have you done much market research on the immersion course idea? Having moved to France last year, I've also thought about doing something similar but am at a loss to know how to market such courses as people investing in English immersion courses tend to look to doing it in an English speaking country for obvious reasons. It would be good to know your thoughts..

Hi Louise,

I would like to talk to you and show you what we are doing can you email me at, please?


I may be interested in this, could I have some more information.