Business forecast

Hi everyone, am looking for a bit of assistance on how to acquire finance for my business please.

Things are picking up quicker than I hoped so I am thinking of going to the bank for for a loan to buy a new car as opposed to hiring one when I need one as it will work out cheaper in the long run. Our old family banger is costing more and more to repair and will not get through the CT next year, so overall I think it is better to invest in a very expensive new vehicle to do both jobs.

My question is what paperwork will I need to show the bank to get a loan for a car. I also need to know how the French like to see business projections etc. I have had a look at the APCE site bu it doesn’t make sense at all, does any one know where to find something clearer or have an example of how I could show it on a spreadsheet please. I still work part time so have an regular income but it will be the money I make from my new business that will pay for the car.

Thanks for any advice you can offer!


Hi Valerie,
Thanks for reminding me about those, they were very helpful.
I also had a good reply form the Financial Section - you enter everything in English or French then can switch it at any time to the other language, brilliant!

Reply by Steve YATES on April 11, 2011 at 3:12pm
It wasn’t for a loan but I needed something for my bank so I used something I found from the Montpelier Business + Innovation Centre, link is here They have software that will help you write a business plan

I wrote several articles on funding a French business that might be of interest to you.