Business opportunity

Does anybody know of anyone who might want to take over our business that makes and supplies English sausages, bacon, pies and all butcher products? We started it from its infancy and now would like to hand it over to someone who has experience in this field and would like to take it to its next step or even just take over part of it. We both need to slow down a bit and enjoy ourselves a bit more as the business has rather taken over our waking hours! Which is good but you can't do it forever.

You would need a background in butchery or catering to consider doing it. We just want to sell the equipment and the goodwill so nothing enormous to invest.

Thanks look forward to hearing!

Hi David

We would be happy to supply your butcher with what he needs to make English sausages and give him the recipe if he buys from us!

Not for me but there is a demand in France among expats. Our usual supplier in Brittany has made monthly deliveries from a UK source but now finds it too expensive in view of the exchange rate and high ferry costs. He's looking at sourcing from Ireland but we are now asking our village butcher to loook at making Brit receipe sausages. He's anxious to please but it will be trial and error and the price will need to be right.