Butane Delivery

(David Brenner) #1

We use 13kg Butane cylinders for cooking. Suggestions for home deliveries in southern Deux Sevres ? I’ve come across the name Gazissimo and a price of €37 + delivery. Anyone know/use this co ? Price good/bad/average ? And would they take back an existing empty that they didn’t originally supply ?

(stella wood) #2

Mmm… no idea on the question, but I would be interested to know how much they charge for Delivery.

OH sends me off with the Empty in the boot. I ask someone to help me exchange it for a Full one at our local supermarket … and OH takes over when I get home…

Home Delivery might be useful on occasions.

(David Brenner) #3

How much do you pay Stella ?

(stella wood) #4

Can’t remember exactly as it’s only every 6/8 months… but round about 32/33 it varies… so long as you have a bottle to swap you won’t have to pay the “bottle” extra-charge…

and most folk have 2 bottles which means they should never run out of gaz… replacing the empty bottle on a shopping trip or when it is on special offer.

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(Jane Jones) #5

Reminds me of when we used to spend our summers in a small hamlet in the Vosges. The elderly woman opposite had her gas bottles brought to her by the postwoman, just as a humane gesture. And that postwoman must have had a bladder of steel as she stopped off at all the old people for a chat and a coffee. La poste service to stop off and speak to the elderly is now 19€…

We pick bottles up in loads of different places according to price…so usually the service station. As long as you are buying the same type of butane then you can swap empties anywhere. Do you not go past anywhere? As 37€ + delivery does seem at the high end.

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(Robert Hodge) #6

I use our local Super U supermarket petrol station for butane. Using their own brand it’s currently €26 for a 13kilo bottle. The attendant always volunteers to help put the full bottle into the back of the car, and once at home I can roll it down a plank to the ground and thence to it’s place of use, so I don’t have to lift a full bottle on my own at all. All sorted with no delivery charge.