Buy and Sell Sites in France

Hello there,

bit of an unusual request perhaps, but can people let me know what Buy and Sell sites they use for France - preferably Facebook ones as I think they are the easiest to manage.

We are looking to sell a LHD Car right now, and also to get rid of a lot of furniture, some of which is quite valuable whilst other pieces are the usual mix of second hand stuff you see being offered.

It would be useful to know any sites you use including those in the South and South East of the country, although we do live in Bordeaux and so I recognise that most of the furniture would be better going to people living in Aquitaine, simply because of the logistics of collecting not particularly expensive items of furniture.

The car and the more expensive items may well go further afield though.

If anyone has or knows of a compendium of such sites, please do send me the link, but if not, could you just add those Facebook and other sites you tend to use here and I will get round to trying as many as possible.

Many thanks in advance for your help


Leboncoin or tons on facebook - just type in buy and sell followed by the departement/region also Classified Ads France on facebook

as Andrew has said ... leboncoin

leboncoin - you just can't beat it ;-)