Buying a car from uk

Hello, I posted on here some time ago, but then gave up as it seemed too complex. Now we have seen a car we are interested in in the UK, it is on French plates, lhd, and has a carte grise. It does not have a CT, and we have been told they will put it through an MOT for us.

So if we went over to collect it can we drive the car home to France without a CT?

Also does anyone know a company that could give us a report on the car? AA/RAC type companies?
Or are there people who transport cars from uk to here?

Final thought, as it,s a French car woulf there be no ‘import’ taxes?

Many thanks, again! T

I don’t think a UK MoT would work if its on french plates with CG. It would need a new CT before you bought it as you couldnt get the necessary code from ANTS without it (AFAIK)

Be very,very careful. I believe the registered owner will have to access ANTS site to register the sale and give you a code so thet you can then register in your name .If the seller is a UK dealer he will be unable to do this. I am sure more knowledgable people will be along to give you more definite advice. The MOT is not recognised in France now - needs CT

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Not only that, make doubly sure the current registered owner has no finance outstanding on the vehicle - my friend got caught out buying a second hand vehicle (in France) and it turned out the previous owner had not finished paying off the finance and she got demands which turned nasty until she could prove different.

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Yep, as Shiba says, make sure you get a certificat de non-gage before purchasing the vehicle.

I suggest you seek out Mark Rimmer on Facebook. He is a garagiste here in France and has extensive knowledge about the ins and outs of importing vehicles to France. He has also dealt with french-plated cards sold by UK garages and may have some useful advice.


are you buying from a bona fide UKGarage, which offers the usual aftersale guarantees??

Yes, it’s all ok,

I have written to Mark, thanks for the info!