Buying a car in France insurance question

So I’m going to buy my first car in France I gave up on trying to import my American made cars so I have a question when I pick up the car from the seller I need insurance can insure it before I buy it ore how is it done?

You can provisionally arrange insurance before you make the purchase and then just phone the insurance agent to activate it when you collect the car.

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Thanks for the help

Can I still buy a car here I live here have a house here but have not paid my first tax here do it matter?

Yes that is fine - we did exactly that. I would speak to @fabien the insurance guru.

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Yes, but until you appear on a government database such as income tax, health or social security you will need to use a third party to register the purchase online for you.
Make sure that the seller gives you the ten figure “cession” code - it makes the process much easier.

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