Buying a caravan in france

Hi All

My husband and I live up in the mountains in Morzine and are thinking of buying a caravan on a camp site. Has anyone done this before and know the rules? r,e leases etc? We dont know anyone whos got a caravan to ask! We also want to know what the legal procedure is. is it like buying s flat?



hmmm many thanks! Might just stick with the camper van…at least we can drive it away!

Never done it - stick to houses! there have been a few documentaries on M6 about it - didn’t say anything about notaires or contracts, you often buy direct from the owner, rents tend to be around 2000 or 3000 euros a year depending on the campsite and area (Med) but the big problem highlighted in the reports is thatt most campsites ask you to leave once your mobile home or caravan is 15 or so years old, some don’t want any on their site that are more then 10 years old… means a lot of people now have mobile homes that they can’t site anywhere! may the buyer beware!

bonne chance !