Buying a laptop

Looking to buy a NEW qwerty keyboard laptop with English version of OS any suggestions?

Try Amazon

We bought these for all the kids.

I decided to buy a new Dell laptop but they don’t deliver from the U.K. After a lot of googling I discovered that Dell Belgium provide them with the option of a Qwerty keyboard-no extra charge. Depending on configuration some are also available at Dell France.

I have bought laptops in Holland in the past with a QWERTY keyboard and English OS. With mine you had one chance to get the OS in English not Dutch, by making the correct choice the first time it booted up.

The above also have English OS. I’ll try and remember your tip…

Choosing English was very straightforward.

Amazon UK

I use Amazon a lot,but in this case if comparing a particular laptop from Dell to the same laptop on Amazon, I find that the Amazon offering has a previous generation processor and an almost identical price.

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I bought directly from, I got the keyboard I wanted, delivered home in 2-3 days. Methinks price was decent to.

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Do they sell Dell laptops?

No, I bought

amazon wanted EUR 1.505
apple charged EUR 1249 (1-40+ VAT) delivered home.

Amazon could not send me right keyboard, so luckily I checked with apple,
got the right item and fast!

First Mac for me ( earlier Linux and windows machines). Works fast, I am
very satisfied.


I bought mine via Amazon also, Lenovo, and everything is fine, but a word of caution.

My mistake was NOT to look at the actual model somewhere, just to see what it has and does not have. For example, my Lenovo does not have enough USB ports (only 2), and no facility for inserting memory cards from my phone or camera.

Also found the negative reviews on Amazon to be very misleading!

Easy enough to get around the limitations but next time I will do more research

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Testing for Peter :slight_smile: