Buying A New LHD Car

After almost nine years of good service the car that I bought when we first arrived in France needs replacing.

With the low depreciation rate here an almost new low kilometer car would cost me almost as much as a brand new vehicle and most of these are well above my current budget.

Trawling the Net I came across 1st Car Imports who are a UK brokerage company specialising in the sourcing of LHD cars at what appears to be huge savings. Basically, they act as an agent to connect the customer with a main dealer, of the car manufacturer of your choice, and negotiate for you the best possible discounts.

Warranties supplied are pan European – can be used at any main dealer – and delivery to your home in France (or anywhere else) can be arranged.

With savings from £5,000 to £12,000 (depending on the vehicle) this is bordering on ‘too good to be true’. I’m looking for the pitfalls but can’t yet see one. Has anyone had any experience of this company or similar?

Thanks Elaine for your response and the connection with LHD Supermarket. They seem to have some good clean cars and it is always good to have a referral from a happy customer.