Buying a place in Charroux Vienne

Popped over last weekend and found the house of our dreams :slight_smile:

Hoping to take possession in early April

One is mildly excited


A great expat location. Two British owned bars, a British owned garage and a food shop as well. A lovely historic town on the River Charente made even better since the bypass was built.

Great news was aware about the bar not the rest.

Great little village. We also have 2 boulangeries. The market is every Thursday.


Any organised activities ?

These folk will be able to give you pamphlets and details of what is going on…plus info on the local Clubs and Associations…

Unless I’ve got the wrong Charroux :wink:

You might want to check this website. I think it gives more detail. There is usually something going one at least one weekend out of each month.

Also check the website for the Green Man Live music every Saturday evening.

Many thanks.

Most appreciated

Did the deed last week.

House exceeded our expectations and we look forward to moving over in September