Buying a property in france

A quick question if somebody can help. I found a house for sale in Tarbed, 86meters in good order downstairs, upstairs is 60 meters which can be turned into 3 bedrooms and sitting room (unfinished). There is 2400 square meters of land part of which is a private road to the property. Part of the land can be used to build a second house. The property is for sale at 175,000 euros but the agent wants 6,000 on top and the notaire who is also the agent another 8%.

The property was built in 1970 and is in a good livable state with a great view of the Pyrenees.

Does it seem expensive with notaire and agent fee on top?

Thanks All.

Hi Martin,

The price is at the average selling level for Tarbes. Agent and notary fees are ok.

Don't forget that most properties in France are sold at a price ~10% under the asked price. You should have some room for a price discussion, especially if you are a cash buyer and there is no or little competition.


These numbers seem ok, the agent is taking 3.5% (which is not alot) and the notaire 8% which is fixed by the state.

Be careful with planning permission on the second house.

Don't forget to ask for the diagnostique thermique

Sounds great, in Montpellier you'd get a one bedroom flat for that money!


Notaires fees (which in fact are mostly disbursements that go to the state - land registry costs etc) are fixed according to various criteria including the value of the property. That sounds about right but you can check on

just put the figures in and it will tell you what the fees should be. This fee is unavoidable, everybody pays it when they buy a house in France.

When you say part of the land can be used to build a second house, make sure permission is in force and also be aware that the permission doesn't last for ever - if you haven't started building within the timescale, the permission will lapse and may not be renewable. So if you intend to do this, it needs to be a near term project not a long term project in 10 years or so, because that may turn out not to be possible.