Buying from the Factory

TIP: At this time of year you may be able to purchase building materials direct from the factory. This may be of interest to those who need e.g. wood, tiles, stone cladding etc.

Contact the factory while they are still open. Ask if they are open to the public for direct purchase. Even if they say no continue the conversation by asking whether they have a sale on in July/August and will then be selling direct to the public (or other merchants). Find out the dates of factory close down for the summer.

We have save thousands of Euros by doing this.

We managed to buy the wood for Jim to make the kitchen for our gite at a factory sale. We used newel posts with the tops cut off for the sides of the units and the island.They said that this would be an annual event, but have yet to live up to that.

One factory we used 4 years running moved the sales date every year. The first time was the beginning of August and last year it was the end of August ..... worth persevering though.