Buying process - Deed of Sale

So, our Compromis signed last week, we already had our finances agreed and in place.

The vendors notaire now has to draw up the Deed of Sale for final signing but we’re in the dark how long this could take… any ideas? Anxious to complete asap but now in the hands of our sellers notaire again - who have been… difficult!

unless you’ve specified a date/time-scale in your Compromis… things will just take their course… a few months or so … 3 months seems to be the standard around here, although there have been longer, if information/essential data is behindhand/missing …

The Notaire will not like being “chased” (I mean this kindly, I’m not criticising you)
You only signed last week…
If I remember correctly… you have a set time during which you can withdraw from the sale. (the compromis stops the Seller from offering the property to anyone else)
I suspect the Notaire will do nothing until that time is up… and then things will move along… gradually.

keep the faith… and it should all turn out ok :crossed_fingers:

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Am I right in thinking that the process for the local “searches” only start after the compromis has been signed and the retraction period passed? There is a fair bit of work still to be done but with luck it may be complete before the end-of-year shutdown period but prepare to be patient. I don’t know whether using two different notaires delays things at all, I think in theory it shouldn’t but in practice the more people you have involved the more chance there is of delays. Keep everything crossed!

I signed my Compromis Thurs 29/07/21. I expected the 10 day cooling off period to start that day or the next and that la note would do nothing until that period was over.

I was surprised to find that A] the cooling off period didn’t start until a few days into the following week. B] La note did call for a doc before the cooling off period ended, so she was actually on the case.

La note has to get it all wrapped up by FRI 15/10/21, a dealine imposed by her own office, I believe. That’s 78 days, inc w/e’s and any fiestas.

A vendor and a seller are the same animal, lexicographically. Are there two notaires on the selling side? That would defo make for delay.

Or have you, the buyers, engaged your own notaire? As the notaire is a civil servant, not a solicitor, working to ensure that the conveyance is within the legislation for property transfers, the advice I have read and am operating with is that it’s not necessary to engage your own notaire - it only makes for delay.

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Yep we havea date in compromis of 25/11 but were really hoping for sooner if possible. Vendor agreed to offer back in April and it took until September just to get the compromis signed so we are keen to avoid further delays!

We engaged our own as had heard the vendor/sellers notaire were poor… same fees and costs etc either way so thought it better for our peace of mind…

Ah… if the date is noted… that will be the date to which folk will be working, I suspect.

That tallies with my period - two full months + the days in Sept since signing the compromis. I believe these dates are final deadlines. It may be sooner, depending on how things have gone along at the notaire.

I’m not sure how having two notaires on the same transaction makes for a more secure outcome. These people are employees of the State, so are simply joining up the legislative dots, settling any issues that arise as it proceeds.

It’s the sellers who might cause delay by not having documents required by the note, arguing the toss about some aspect like access or boundaries …

I hope there’s none of that. Bon chance!

We used the same Notaire as the seller. As we wanted to move in asap we offered the sellers, through the Notary, 1000 euros as rent to be able to move in straight away. If the completion was faster than estimated the seller profited, if longer we profited. In the event it was all done and dusted in 1 month. No doubt helped by the fact that the sellers are “big” in the area.

Usually about three months between compromis and acte and most people use the same notaire :wink:

I have just had notice of my date with la note - Tues 12 Oct. So, 3 days before deadline. Expect yours some time w/c 22nd Nov. Deus voluit!

Welcome to France! If you’re in the provinces, you will soon realise that the pace of life is so much slower here.
We initially put in our formal offer for our home in the June and completed in November. Granted we had the summer holiday month of July in between, so five months in total (obviously before Covid).
Hang in there, it will be worth it in the end :grinning:

Count a month at least and two at most. And if less, bring roses for the secretary … ;^)

My experience; just over 2 months, nearly a year, and three months, all with my own notaire. The one that took nearly a year was due to buying from an estate, when some of the papers had been lost - my notaire was diligent enough to chase down the missing paperwork and saved me a few grand by doing so.

But WATCH OUT FOR AUGUST. Very unpredictable month. If the wrong people take the wrong holidays at the wrong time, you may end up with another 2 months added on to your waiting list…

My experience (as an Estate Agent) is to never, ever, engage a second notaire. Use the vendor’s notaire. When they are two, the fee is split in two which is hardly motivating, and both notaires just lose interest. Total waste of time.


So final date for signing our Acte de Vente ( from Compromis ) is 25/11 and as yet we still have not been given a date!!! I know there is a standard 1 week extension if not all relevant docs are in place - has this happened to anyone before?

They do like to take things to the wire… don’t they?

Our experience of using our own Notaire was actually very beneficial - the seller’s notaire was covering up a lot of things or rather not including them in the documents. Our Notaire insisted on extensive revisions which ultimately led to us not signing the compromis as the seller did not want to give assurances. We are now again using the same approach with engaging our own Notaire and we’ve had no problems with delays, etc., we’re expecting to sign our Acte in early December (the compromis was signed on 15th November).
Always good to check out the Notaire by having a conversation prior to engaging.

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