Bye Bye Captain Sir Tom

So sad…he will be sorely missed. :cry:


Oh that is so so so sad when he did so much for everyone’s spirits at the beginning of the pandemic and through the first lock down, as well as financially of course with all that money he raised.

An amazing spirit xx


Did you know him?

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The same slightly sceptical question occured to me. I don’t much like British red-top hagiography.


What will you be remembered for?

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What a joy this forum is at times. :unamused:

I feel sad when someone I know dies… I often feel sad when someone I don’t know dies… it just depends and I can’t really explain what it actually depends on.

Sir Tom will certainly be sorely missed by his family and friends.

and… someone who has set others aflame with enthusiasm… who has raised money for worthy causes… who has earned the admiration and gratitude of others…

I can well imagine that such a person will be sorely missed by many, many people (even if they did not know him personally).


Isn’t it just, there are times when if you cannot say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

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Tim’s comment was not the snarky one?

It was 100% ‘snarky’ but sadly also 100% ‘on the money’.

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Nothing that would merit headlines in the Sun or the Daily Mail, John.

Totally agree Tim sad but true

Lest we drift off into the general beatification of Captain Tom.

Keep in sight of the fact that, had we not been so poor at keeping a lid on Covid over the winter Captain Tom might still have been alive and kicking.

Is Downing street going to have the flags at half mast for the next 108,012 days to commemorate the other lives lost?

We need to be more like Perth - although to do so requires one case to be a big thing, not drowned out in millions of others.


I’m not drifting… anywhere :rofl:

but, on a personal note… I have used “Sir Tom” as a “good example” of how my situation/age/health/whatever should not stop me from getting on and doing something useful. (telling myself to stop whingeing… and get on with life…)

I think many other ordinary folk have been inspired/encouraged by this elderly gent…
and, of course, he is not the only one who has “done some good”… there are so many others… helping quietly behind the scenes or in public… and each will be missed/mourned when the time comes.

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I don’t think anyone is beatifing him Paul ,it’s just sad that someone who did something iconic has passed away of the very thing he was helping to ‘fight ‘ against It was my first thought that it proves how we have lost control of this virus,to loose someone like that too it

Seems he was suffering with pneumonia and could not be given the vaccine due to the drugs he was already taking…

Many other folk (of all ages) are in a similar situation.

Besides the snobbery in that statement,he has made all the front pages ,hopefully some of those you will approve of


You weren’t watching UK TV recently then… :slight_smile:

The time-line is a bit confused from the general reports - I’m not quite clear whether he had signs of pneumonia, went into hospital, got tested (which is routine on admission, especially with respiratory problems) and was found to have Covid…


Had pneumonia (which, let’s not forget is pretty serious at 100), went into hospital and became  Covid positive there.

I’ve seen more along the former lines than the latter bit, as I said, it’s unclear.

I don’t wish to denigrate Tom - he got off his bum and did something which is more than most nearly centenarians would do but the nearly £401 million was a bit of an accident caused by social media amplification (he just wanted to get maybe £1000).

And I can’t help think that the government is happy for the news story to push the fact that nearly 110,000 have died according to official figures (and probably more in reality) off the front pages.

I am, however, totally with Stella that anyone’s death is a sad moment. John Donne had it right nearly 400 years ago:

1] £32.8 million donated, over £39 million with Gift Aid. Ref Wikipedia.

No I didn’t watch tv last night as I was working in the hospital

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They were laying it on a bit thick this morning.