Bye bye EU

Well it has happened - 1st January 2021 and the UK is no longer in EU and now outside the 1st transitional period.

I sincerely hope that this is not the horrendous mess that I fear it will be.

On the plus side I feel significantly more sovereign all of a sudden - please feel free to share some good news about this if you can think of any.

I do feel somewhat lighter now all that suppressive red tape has been lifted off me.

I’m pleased that Brexit has finally happened so the arguing can stop, duty free has also returned. :wink:

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Your post shouldn’t really be bye bye EU, but bye bye Britain?

The EU is still here…thankfully.

And if nothing else positive comes from the whole horrendous mess it should at least be a real wake up call to fight against fake news, politicians’ dishonesty, and anything that ignores the rule of law. So my resolution is to pay more attention to French politics. And even if I can’t vote (yet) I can at least stand up for truth in my tiny corner of the world.

(I also see that Boris has already brought out the single positive thing that could come out of Brexit - removing VAT on sanitary products. So he’s played his trump card already…)


As the late great Karen Carpenter once sang “It’s only just begun”…

At least I can stop being a remainer…

… I am now a rejoiner.


like that

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The trade agreement will mitigate a lot of it, I suspect Johnson agreed to it because he realises that long term no deal massively increases the chance that we will re-join (I wonder if he read that particular bit of the riot act to the ERG).

Bye bye UK more like :smiley:


Dont agree.
My right to roam has been taken away.
My right to vote as a resident of France is now denied.
I now have to find a new bank account in the UK that will accept me as a resident of the EU.
And today when I logged on to my ITV hub to watch Corrie I couldn’t as I am not in the UK. I have had access here without a problem prior to midnight last night.
For those who voted Brexit, thanks a bunch for nothing.
When in the UK I lived in a coal mining area and never really understood the resentment between strikers and scabs but now I do!


I agree, can the title be changed please.

Feel free to argue with yourself then John. :grinning:

Why do you need a UK bank account ?

Didn’t you have one before you came to France ?

It really wouldn’t bother me if mine was taken away now - I would just move it to Revolut.

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Had one for some 50 years and currently still have although looks increasingly likely that it will be closed due to my non UK residence. Certain income can be transfered to other accounts but some cannot as I have UK rentals that have to be managed in sterling.
I am in the advanced stages of opening an account with a High Street UK bank that has given assurances that they will continue to provide accounts to non UK residents but it really is not as easy to open one as thier website suggests. I have already entered the complaints proceedure and currently had an offer of ÂŁ50 compensation for the trouble they have caused! I have now agreed a path with them going forward that will provide me with an account from them so I have my fingers crossed.
I will feel more comfortable when I have another bank account to fall back on, just in case
It may well be that like Barclaycard and their announcement that all accounts would close on 16th November unless a UK address was supplied that the same will apply to banks that have given out similar advice?
My Barclaycard is still active so who knows!

Populism needed the EU to be its danger, what it will be next?

why couldn’t you get Corrie, I was under the impression that there would be no issue with TV, and broadband.
And try Nationwide. (Building Soc ) i easily opened an account but I did have a basic saver with them.

ITV hub, this is why there is no more corrie.
I now have to watch the soap as it is broadcast or the weekend omnibus edition rather than at a time of my choosing.
As for Nationwide as you already had an account it was easy to extend your accounts with them but trying to open a UK bank account from scratch when you are not a UK resident is a different matter.

Regarding Corrie, I should have said that my wife is not a fan hence my desire to view the soap in a quite corner on my phone or laptop without being disturbed and not upsetting her :grin:

A VPN would sort this.