C-19 vacc. rdv at last....but then

Well after at least 2 weeks of searching several departments at the behest of the Ministry of Health for a vaccination rdv I finally got one this evening in the backwoods of the Creuse near Gueret, 2 hours away from me. Just one mind, nothing for my wife but we agreed that, as she doesn’t leave the house and I have to, it is better for me to grab it while it’s going.

So I applied. Filled in everything that was asked of me page after page, memorised a 28 digit password, wrestled with an American style birth date (month/date/year), ticked every box, repeated the code sent to my mobile and finally got to the end.

Yes I accept all the conditions, pressed the button marked confirm the rdv. and, at last…sorry, this rdv is no longer available, please choose another. THERE ARE NO OTHERS…AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaagh.

Could they just not hold it for 20 minutes while I fill in their rotten form? I give up. If I get the rotten lurgy I’ve a good mind to drive up there and go round kissing everybody. :frowning_face:


Oh that is so frustrating David. Hang in there the vac’s will start coming in with more speed in the near future. We’ve made it this far and the vac is in sight!

Yes, what a way to run a previously flawless, to me anyway, health service. Just been speaking to a friend in Correze who was successful in getting a booking at Tulle, but now for his neighbour, no more there. The other one in Tulle is not taking online bookings. One of the ones in Haute-Vienne only does phone bookings. Can you imagine going through all that on the phone only to be thwarted at the last hurdle?

One has to admit the NHS have done a wonderful job rolling out the vaccinations. Everybody possible has been mobilised. We’ve friends who are Red Cross volunteers jabbing away madly in Leeds.