CAF help needed... again!


I visited CAF a few weeks ago and registered and thought that it had all gone through, however, just had a letter through asking for;

"une attestation de l’Urssaf indiquant que vous êtes à jour de vos cotisations d’assurance vieillesse"

My French is terrible so can someone just confirm that I am right in thinking they want some sort of certificate to say my pension contributions are up to date? If so does anyone know how I would get this?

I registered as an AE back in October and I have this week submitted my first declaration. I havent done anything with French pensions!

Please help!



If the copy of your first declaration as an AE isn’t enough, try calling your local urssaf where you did your declaration and ask for “une attestation de compte à jour”. State pension contributions are one of the standard “charges sociales” that everyone pays out of their salaries and I imagine it’s included in what you have to pay as an AE. The attestation de compte à jour is just a document saying you’ve paid the urssaf everything you owe them to date (so including your pension pot. Personally I wouldn’t worry about getting UK pension info, as I can’t imagine the CAF would be interested - what they apparently want to know is if you’ve paid your pension dues on money you’ve earnt here.

Hi Natasha

Suzanne is right. If you don’t have any oficial French paperwork you need to show up to what point you paid and what you paid in the UK in terms of salary, tax and NI contributions. They will also want to see any registration documents for here and yes, best to print off and throw in the confirmation that you have just submitted your first declaration.

In terms of paperwork and the French ‘more is more’!

I would also suggest that you go to your local CAF office and take the letter with you. I recently filed all my salary info for my maternity/child benefit payments and then got a letter afterwards asking for it. They have an automated system that sends out letters if initially they find they’re missing something so it’s also possible that you already covered it but they sent you the letter anyway!

If you get them to check your file on the system they can tell you whether in fact they have the relevant info.

Hope that helps. Emily

Hi Natasha

Have a look on HMRC website they can give you a pensions statement which should show what you have paid in. There was also another form I can’t remember which E104/E301 I think which showed our previous NI contributions for 3 years.

Hope this helps


Thanks Suzanne & Jacqueline - that makes a bit more sense!

I was working full time in the UK before coming to France so I presume that I am up to date on everything however I have never seen any sort of pension benefit/national insurance statement!!

I have an online confirmation that I have just submitted my fist declaration so I can try and send that to them.

How frustrating… I have to admit I was a little smug that it has all seemed to go so smoothly when I visited and registered!!

Thanks again!

Natasha they are indeed after proof you are up to date with your retirement payments. We get an attestation every year from all the social depts who want our money to confirm that we have paid what they asked for the year. The accountant says it is a very important bit of paper to keep safe! If you have not yet been asked to pay anything, maybe they will accept proof that you have only recently set up and just sent in your first declaration, sorry I can’t be of more help on this bit. good luck

Hi Natasha, yes looks like they want to know your payments are up to date. Have you contributed into the French system other than through AE? Or did you contribute into the UK System at all before? When I applied to CAF I gave them my Pensions benefits statement & NI Contributions statement from the UK showing my past contributions over 3 years. Do you have these?