Cake and the Mona Lisa

It seems that a person dressed as a person in a wheelchair has caked the Mona Lisa with, wellll, cake. Did she deserve it? Is her innocence too much for today’s youth, was she really innocent? Was a Kardashian involved? Did Borees do it, or a Liverpool fan, or Mrs Macron? Answers please. Why? Poor Mona! Is Mona a bearable name, would not Kylie have been better, Kylie Lisa?
ONLY YOU CAN. SAVE HER!:crazy_face::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:


I wouldn’t have gone so far as cake, mainly because I like cake too much and prefer to keep it to myself, but I must say that I was very unimpressed by that painting.

I had been tasked to take my lorry to the southern outskirts of Paris early one Monday morning. Unloading at breakfast time I was then told to drop my trailer at a warehouse nearby for loading and take myself off to park off duty, and sleep, for the day. Instead, now trailerless, I found a commuter station car park and bought a ticket for central Paris. Descending under that crystal dome I wandered amongst all those giant Flemish paintings (and was much affected by them) and then came to this postage stamp surrounded by clicking Japanese cameras. Elbowing my way to the front I wondered what the hell the fuss was all about and soon returned to the surface to find a bistro and some peace in Notre Dame (not religious, just quiet).

Back at the station I drove to the warehouse, parked up and went to bed, ready to collect my now loaded trailer at midnight and head south again.

Not a typical day, but different, and enjoyable. :wink: :joy:


When they put a glass sheet in front of the Mona Lisa, it ruined it I think. You literally couldn’t see anything with the bounceback of cameras off the glass. There was just no gap long enough to get a proper look.

Unless they’ve banned flash since I visited so long ago? In Italy IIRC flash is often banned.