Call for Young, Bilingual Actors

A local casting director from Les Productions du Trésor is seeking two young bilingual actors — a six year old girl and and eight year old boy— to cast in a the French movie Populaire to be filmed this fall.

The movie, which will be directed by Régis Roinsard and starring Romain Duris, Déborah François, Miou Miou, and Eddy Mitchell, is a 1950‘s romantic comedy based in France and tells the story of an American ex-soldier, his Norman wife and their two children. Shooting of the children‘s parts will take place over three days and the actors will be compensated.

Photos of children who fit the above criteria should be submitted to Laurent Couraud at
by Saturday, September 3rd. For additional information, contact Laurent at (please mention that you heard about this opportunity from the US Embassy Paris).

Will is only 7 but beacuse he is so tall he looks older.

We explained everything to him before agreeing to go up… he understands that when people think of stories in their head they may have a picture of how someone is going to be so if he doesnt get the part it doesnt mean he has done anythng wrong!

He is very excited about going to Paris just with me and leaving his two younger brothers at home - I have booked home train tickets quite late so that hopefully I will have time to take him up the tower!

Will keep you posted!

Good luck Natasha - our son Ed is nearly 11 and was rather upset they were looking for an 8 year old!!

How exciting! All the best and let us know how you got on.

Hi Sarah,

Just to let you know that I sent them details of my little boy William - and we have a meeting in Paris for some test screenings in a couple of weeks!

And yes we mentioned we heard it from you!