Calling all Budding Junior Photographers

If you're not a member of the Darkroom, you may have missed the exciting new project being 'developed' for a Photography Magazine showcasing the quite amazing skills and creative flair of some of the SFN members.

Part of the Mag will be dedicated to our young artists, those aged 16 or under. Whether they already have a few stunning photos in stock or want to join in the monthly theme, all submissions will be welcome. Just please make sure you give your consent to the photos being published - full details are available on page 1 of the discussion.

But first we need a good name for the young photographers section! Some suggestions already put forward are:

Snap Dragons

Shutter Bugs

Kids With Kamras

If you think of anything catchy, please post them here.

To get the youngsters' creative juices flowing, we'll be providing a monthly word or short phrase theme and see how creative they are in their interpretation. A quick example: 'Feet' might conjure up images ranging from a chicken's feet to grandma's gnarly old corns. Let the kids loose with the camera and their imagination! The grown ups can of course provide encouragement and technical know-how but the only rule is the actual shots are taken by the kids themselves using their imagination and artistic talents.

Any and all comments, suggestions, input welcome.

Certificates of Excellence awarded to.... you'll just have to look in SFN Darkroom Online


Sneaky.... lol

Entry for Reflections by Ron Birks aged 10 and three quarters

click on the pic to make it larger, then click and hold down, then drag the pics off to the desktop.

Release, the icon of the pic will stay on your desktop, from where you can re- upload.

Issie wants to do an article on 'Colour', but is quite busy, she tells me. She is, however, sorting out some pics for submission, in the ImaagINe section.

Really vibrant. Let me know if you want any uploaded on young photogs upload page (or Facebook) - can't do it from a website though, so would need jpgs.

some more pics by Isobel Brookes

Hi Hayley - just a follow up because my computer's giving me grief today. If you have any problems uploading the photos, give me a shout.


Excellent idea - and I'll be reading your reviews on apps etc as I'm clueless when it comes to technology. Oooh, seeing as I can't use the Blackberry for anything 'normal' like CALLS because of the bloomin reception, I'll go taking some pics myself! Then you can see how truly lousy a photographer I am... no harsh criticisms please.

OK, I'll take the previously suggested 'The Digital Generation' and have a FREESTYLE DPS, Smart Phone Pics, New Apps, Product Reviews etc.

Everything else as was. OK?


my head hurts

Hi Ron,

I think this is getting a bit confused now. I thought the Photography Magazine/SFN Darkroom Online featured photographs taken using all forms of camera - from Canon to smartphone to an old brownie - so there is no age stipulation at all for inclusion in the mag.

The young photographers group started as an under 16s idea which was then sub-divided into the under 12s and the 'teens' which is where the search for good names came about. The result: Shutterbugs and ImagINe.

Maybe you could do a section devoted entirely to new wave photographers who use only smartphones - "SmART", ha - or will this cause confusion if, say, an 11 year old takes a brill picture on a smartphone - then which category would he be featured in.

SFN Darkroom Online


Oh again! I hate this machine! Nuked all my text. Sorry Hayley, had written a full reply then it again reduced everything to simply 2 links. Aaaaghh. YES PLEASE we'd love to see them. There's been enough rain around to provide a few reflections - unless your daughter wants to do something completely different. I'm not even going to try to put the links back in again so will use the ones that stayed (above). Please feel free to upload the photos to the Upload link which is where the judges will be viewing - if you could add your daughter's name/age that would be brill. You're also very welcome to put them on the SFN Darkroom Online page (link also above).

see Blog on Con Man debate

@ Valerie. Looks like a nice build up of entrants now. I still have this concern that the 'age' reference in the ImagINe section should be lifted to encompass the 'New Wave' of photographers ( of any age ), who explore a more instant method of image capturing and photo-manipulation techniques.

If you find time checkout SFNer Eric Otto, who's work was exhibited in a recent Post describing his use of both an iPhone and hi-end equipment.

Seriously this machine is giving me problems today. What Gabriella has achieved in less than a year is absolutely incredible. You have every right to be proud.

If you have any problems uploading or anything else, please feel free to message me or see if I'm in the chat box.

If Gabriella is featured in the SFN Darkroom Online Magazine, you will need to consent to the photos being published. Copyright issues are dealt with in Ron Birks' Photography Magazine discussion, on page 1.

Not rising to it Ron - sticks tongue out

Ok that's great! I'm her mother and of course biased but I think she does amazing stuff particularly as I only bought her her first camera less than one year ago!!!!! Thanks so much for your comments and encouragement!