Calling all Célé residents/lovers/cognoscenti

Dear Céléphiles,

I am writing an article on the renovation of the bridges along the Célé - possibly my favourite valley in France - for France Magazine. The deadline, however, means that I am too late to contact or try (in order to recommend to readers) a couple of good restaurants and a couple of hotels/B&Bs in the area, because everywhere is now shut up for winter. Living as I do a little too far away to try the restaurants during the season, I wonder whether anyone can recommend any such establishments for me to follow-up.

Your ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks very much.

Mark Sampson

It is indeed the section I'm talking about, Andrew. I think the Célé is so special because it's like a bonsai Lot/Dordogne valley: the same kind of spectacular karst scenery, but all in miniature. And it's hidden away from the tourist trail, too. You have to know about it. Bagnac looked rather boff for restaurants, I have to say!

it runs west from Figeac, at least I think that's the section Mark is talking about. It's a beautiful valley, one of my favourites too but I've never eaten there (I used to teach at the IUT in Figeac). I know the célé valley going the other way up to Bagnac and Maurs - Bagnac is boff for restos but Maurs is excellent for everyday grub ;-)

Where is it, and why do you like it so much.

Where is it and why do you like it so much?

Thank you, Catherine. I've always liked the look of it, but it has never been open when we've passed through Marcillac. One of these days... Anyway, your recommendation has confirmed my gut feelings. Much obliged.

Yes, Hotel des Touristes in Marcillac-sûr-Célé is fabulous, and not at all what it sounds like. Homecooked traditional fare, and in good weather one dines on a lovely vine covered terrace.0565406561