Calling all Grandparents

If you are wondering what to give to your grandchildren for Christmas, how about this?

Last year we gave the whole family a day out.

The children wanted to go th Legoland and my daughter looked on line and found a really good deal with a hotel in Basingstoke, so they had one night away and two trips to Legoland for fiur for £150.00.

Oh so boring Kent, I much prefer the REAL thing !

I fancy making a sculpture in Lego bricks of a couple trying positions from the Kama Sutra - and entitle it "Legoverland".

Thanks Liz & Jane.

Last Xmas I offered them tickets to the museum at Duxford which is only about five miles from their house. They are not particularly 'technically' minded but they loved their visit and have since taken friends and family all of whom have enjoyed it.

I know they went to the Star Wars exhibition in London the year before and absolutely loved it.


Legoland Denmark is super for adult children, (bars available but you might have to do time in the lego jail if you are driving - bar has tubs of lego to amuse all iover age "kids"...). Loads of things only an adult child would really appreciate, especially the intricate, scaled-down replicas - and of course the new Star War collection. Do not know anything about the UK one though.

Ryaniar are offering gift tokens valid 365 days - great pressy for children/grandchildren to see grandparents!

BUT...there is always a but with Ryanair....the independent reports that you cannot use these online only through booking telephone system and this takes about 30 mins to get through - at a cost of 10p perminute and then 35 minutes online to an operator, (£15) plus a handling fee of £7/per person - so if you find out when they want to travel, just grab an offer and book it for them instead.

Hi Peter, our family live in Bury St Edmunds, but as I said, they got a good deal at a hotel in Basingstoke, which is only half an hour from Legoland, so they had two visits.
The price for staying at the Legoland Hotel is prohibitive.
Have a look at the Legoland site and see what you think.
I know all the family enjoyed it, but of course, a lot of the pleasure parents get is seeing the children having a marvellous time.
Giving a day out is an excellent idea, no postage or wrapping.

Hi Jane, would you say Legoland is ok for adults too or is it just a kids thing ? I'm thinking of a day out for my son & girlfriend in their late twenties.

They are in Cambridge so any ideas of days out within reasonable driving distance ?