Calling all Yanks, wish you put THAT in the moving container?

(Mary Wolcott) #21

Cool. I’ll miss my dear friend Melody’s pickled beets. Well, and my dear friend Melody herself. Not necessarily in that order.

(Mary Wolcott) #22

Trying to decide: I have a bunch of food-grade 5-gallon (18.5 litres?) buckets with lids, that I use to mix materials and stuff for art projects. I wonder if I should bring with? Does anyone have thoughts on whether containers like these are readily available in France? I love the idea of using containers made of other material than plastic.

I’m going to be in Sancerre, and it’s a small town like the one I lived in years ago on the coast of Maine in the US… But I’m thinking there will be so many things that are different, other than similar size and population.

(Mary Wolcott) #23

Will do!

I’m kinda English, yeah :slight_smile: Swedish, French, Scottish.

I lived in Austin Texas for 20 years and absolutely love Mexican food. I should add hot sauce (5-alarm) on the list, too.

(Kim Dunbar) #24

Hello, everyone! To answer Mary’s question first, the link to the David Liebovitz post about American products to bring to France is: america/. I’m not hispanic, just love very spicy food (I also make my own habanero gin and I grow Carolina reapers). I lived in France a long time ago, and my husband and I love visiting, so we are actually in the process of buying a house there. If we survive the French home-buying experience I think I will take up base jumping it will seem tame in comparison (ok just kidding). I am looking for any information on Americans buying houses in France, there are a lot of resources for the British but it seems very few for us. I have an in depth compromis de vente/fosse question, I will post on the appropriate part of this site, hopefully someone can help us out!

(Mary Wolcott) #25

Bring it on, Kim! The compromis de vente questions, etc. I’ll look for specific questions when you post in the Property area and see if there’s anything, given my limited experience. I’m buying too but maybe not the same kind of place or area… Yeah, it’s kinda hard to get advice on the whole ‘buy and move from US to France’ thing. Good luck.

(Mary Wolcott) #26

… and that habanero gin sounds to die for.

(Kim Dunbar) #27

I’ve posted my compromis de vente/sanitation question on the property & home/fosse area of this site. Any help is greatly appreciated!

(Mark Robbins) #29

I don’t think it would work for American electric devices, they are a different voltage I believe.

(Ray Rampton) #30

Yes, you’re right Mark, glad one of us is awake

(Dominic Best) #31

Perhaps a 110-230v transformer is a must bring item.

(Mary Wolcott) #32

Hi Mark, I’m not sure what it is that you are saying you’re not sure would work on American devices? Sorry, but when I see responses from you I sort of ‘perk up my ears’ or however that saying goes. I want to be sure I understand what you advise, please?

(Mark Robbins) #33

As far as I know, American electricity is 110 volt , but European is 220 - 240. Your U.S. domestic appliances will work, probably for about 2 minutes before burning out :fire:. I’m sure that you can get a transformer to convert the voltage down though.

(Mary Wolcott) #34

Hi Mark, so just wondered if you could advise: if I did get a transformer, this would be for the whole house, right? Or, perhaps could I just put the transformer in for, say, the kitchen outlets?

(Timothy Cole) #35

I’m not sure the suggestion of either bringing a transformer or using one was serious.

(Dominic Best) #36

It was serious Tim. Why wouldn’t it be? For years I had access to American Forces’ shopping facilities in Europe and bought a lot of computers, computer peripherals and other electronic devices from them. Most of the things I bought were switchable between 110 and 230 volts but others were only available as 110 and needed a transformer that could be bought at the same time. Each 110v device needed its own transformer.

(Timothy Cole) #37

Mary will be told it would be a good idea to bring her car over from the US next.

(Mary Wolcott) #38

Welp, golly. I did hope to bring my motorcycle :blush:

(Mary Wolcott) #39

Hi Dominic, would you say that the adapters that I attach at the end of the plugs to change the electricity from American voltage to French voltage would be the same as what you mean by ‘transformer’ perhaps?

(Dominic Best) #40

Yes, I should think so.

(Dominic Best) #41

There’s a regular poster on here who has done that but one of the cars that he’s bringing could be a whole lot of trouble to register. The other one is a European car but built to US spec, I’m not sure that that will be as straightforward as some might expect.