Camp sites around the Vendee

Having finally managed to get a few days break, we want to take our micro caravan for a small 2-day trip and were thinking about the Vendee. We have almost no campsite experience apart from a HomeCamper one, which was fine, but we’d like to try a more pukka one now we are heading out of season. We have the FFCC book of sites which, I have to say, is one of the most difficult reference books I’ve ever tried to use. Does anyone have any particular recommendations for a quiet site somewhere around Loire-Atlantique or Vendee?

Unfortunately campsites tend to start closing for the season at the end of September. Think you may need to get your skates on!

Yes I know! I’ve found quite a few that open until October and even a few that open all year so I’m not giving up hope yet! The problem, of course, was that we took delivery at the end of July and August was really pretty much of a no-no. I’m hoping to go in the next week.

@AngelaR I normally type in camping a la ferme and the area I’m looking to stay and that normally throws up some good results - just did for Vendee and this came up

camping a la ferme vendee - Google Suche],null,[46.692340068753836,-3.1173232619998648],8]

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Never bothered with campsites always used just 8 euros in total on a 24 day Greece trip dumped grey water loaded fresh water and cleared the toilet every 3 days

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But that’s just for campervans/motorhomes isn’t it, and not caravans ???

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I always found the FFCC book absolutely useless, but that was a long time ago.

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My first choice for a caravan would be municipal campsites but not many stay open out of season.
Camping à la ferme is a good network.
I am not a great fan of commercial campsites that are full of mobile homes.

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We always used Les Ecureuils at La Pege, St. Hilaire de Riez because the daughter (also a friend) of friends of ours, Catherine Lewis, was the girlfriend, later wife, of the now owner, Damien, who I think took over the management from his parents. She, of course, is fluent in both English and French and Damien speaks pretty good English as well. Cathie and her parents and brothers were leading lights in the very active petanque community around Leicester and she has represented her country abroad in the sport. Lots of our petanque friends would holiday there and we were all honorary members of the large club at St. John de Monts, just up the coast a bit.

A nice clean site with a pool and bar, we went there year after year until Fran’s condition made travel so far impossible a few years ago. It is situated about 1 km from the beach via a lovely walk over the dunes opposite the site to a long, often deserted , beach. Or 5 minutes in the car in each direction to a car park next to one. Also a handy general store and bar, independantly run, at the entrance.

The number is 02 51 54 33 71. If you ring and are able to book, please let me know as it is some time since we had contact. :grinning:

Edit: Forgot the location in case you want a look N 46.74444, W 2.00953

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Thank you very much everyone for your suggestions. Extremely interesting! I have looked at park4night but as @letsmile said, it does seem to be just for campervans.

I haven’t looked at camping a la ferme before and that looks interesting, I have used HomeCamper with some success though. @David_Spardo 's suggestion looks extremely interesting too and I shall have a look at that as well.

Will let you all know how I get on!