Camping Through France


We are currently in rented accommodation in The Dordogne waiting for our house to sell in the UK to purchase here in France. We need to be out of our rented place at the end of June and thought we might camp our way back up through France for three weeks, visit friends and family for a couple of weeks in the UK, and camp our way back down to The Dordogne for a further three weeks. We have clearly taken leave of our senses, 6 weeks camping with two young kids and a dog but I am sure for them it’ll be the trip of a lifetime. Just wondering if anyone had any tips or suggestions of places to stay, places to avoid, etc. We may need to rent somewhere for about ten days until 7th July, close to Sarlat, if anyone can help with that too, until the kids break up from school. Thanks for your help.

Hi there,

Do UK to Aubeterre-sur-Dronne quite frequently with the caravan in tow…
After elimination of many sites I always stay at:-

Municipal site in Alencon (CAMP MUNICIPAL DE GUERAME)
good, clean and cheap…

then in:-

This being owned by a great UK couple (Helen & Ian). It only has six pitches
but the best shower & toilet facilities you will ever find !!!
Real nice friendly couple…the place to spend extra time…

Also the camp site at Aubeterre-sur-Dronne will be good for the girls,
next to river with swimming, sand and canoeing activities. Good area to
explore also…

Good luck

This campsite has very good reviews. It is ideally placed for exploring around the Loire Châteaux and the owners appear to be brilliant . Trip Advisor has given them top marks too … have a look at their website but do remember all the best campsites do tend to get booked up quickly !

Enjoy your adventure …:slight_smile:

i would do two weeks at least in a ski resort like Alpe did huez otherwise you will be bitten to death anywhere lower. Plenty of things to do in a ski resort in the summer. In fact there is more to do than the winter.