Campsite La Rochelle area?


Does anyone know of a campsite near La Rochelle - it’s our nearest seaside and I really miss the sea! Quite happy with something within driving distance of the sea, rather than walking distance. Also happy with basic facilities, even though dorta might not agree :-).

Thanks in advance - Hilary

Thanks David, much appreciated! - Hilary

Only problem being the ridiculous cost of the bridge toll so don’t go there if you plan on being in La Rochelle itself…but the camp sites get cheaper the further you go from the bridge. We have used one near the end of the island twice now and it was great, clean, well managed but, sorry, can’t remember the name…only can tell you it’s one of the last sites on the right as you head towards the lighthouse. If you have bikes do take them, the Isle de re is a cyclists’ paradise. Great cafes, restaurants, too and plenty of good beaches with a choice of east or west (being an island) if you need to get out of the wind.

Thanks Rebekah - I’ll check it out - really appreciate your help. - Hilary

Not sure about La Rochelle but just over the bridge the Ile de Re has some great places to stay. We love the Interlude which is by the Gros Jonc beach between St Marie de Re and Le Bois Plage en Re on the south side here’s a link:,practical_information,9. Hope you find somewhere suitable it’s such a lovely part of France.