Can anyone help tow a small boat on trailer oct/nov?

From LORGUES (83) VAR to Portsmouth - fuel offered.

I hope this is in the right place, Admin if not, please put in the right area, I could not find a Help section.

I was trying to help a person who is down in the dumps after being assaulted in France but my own LandRover has been deemed not fit enough at the tow bar, ( corrosion - but it is 1983 to be fair ) to tow this small boat. I was going to make a small trip and bring it back for her, but do not have the car for it now.

So I am trying to find someone who will be coming back anyway via LeHavre-Portsmouth. At Portsmouth I will get someone else to take the boat off you and take it to the woman's address.

I will be in a position to help the person/couple with a payment towards the diesel in your car ( must be a diesel as much more economical and my money will go further) which would essentially mean you have no fuel cost. The trailer is not equipped with brakes so will not cost anything on the autoroutes. It is currently at a friend's house near Lorgues who has had it but wants to develop the land so it has to be moved.

The boat is approx 15ft long from the photos, and is a Fletcher with two outboards. I will try and add a picture later if I can find it, ( had a problem with my hard disk and had to stream data off )

I am looking for someone who has experience of towing, and is used to towing, and will be happy to keep to a 60 mph (100 kmh) gentle leisurely drive up through France, with a 2.0L TD car. People with thirsty V8s please do not apply. The ferry element will also be reimbursed on landing if you could provide a receipt for the boat element.

That's about it, I am looking for a kindly soul to help out in return for fuel money so this woman can get her small boat back which her children loved.

End October early November time would be great. Thanks for any help,


I forgot to add that I have friend in vinyl who can do a yellow numberplate for your car to stick over the light board, so the reg plate matches. He'll need to send it to the person who ultimately helps out, so you'll need to advise reg plate number of the car you use. Thanks